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Break the Cycle
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The Necessity of Long-term Residential Recovery Care: What The Experts Say

Experts in the fields of drug abuse, alcoholism, and public health agree: long-term residential recovery care is essential to successful and sustained rehabilitation from addiction.

Acute care or short-term models of addiction intervention, while attractive to healthcare insurers, do not provide the ongoing supports so necessary for success in recovery.

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Affordable Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Laconia New Hampshire

WELCOME HOME to Riverbank House, a unique and affordable drug rehab option for men seeking recovery from addiction and self-destruction. Our quality residential experience, innovative enrichment programming, and collaborative approach to self-restoration are designed to offer vital support as you make your way through the 12-step recovery process and rediscover your enthusiasm for a life lived with clarity and purpose. Together — with guidance, structure, and common purpose — Riverbank House community members develop the spiritual, emotional, and physical practices essential to a full life of vibrant, sustainable addiction recovery.

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Choosing an Effective Sober House

Riverbank House provides a fully scheduled long term drug and alcohol rehab that will accommodate the 90 day minimum suggested by the CDC, followed by transitional options. But where do sober houses fit as a path to recovery? The following article gives one perspective.

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When a drug addict or alcoholic puts down the drink or drug after long-term use, detoxification – sometimes called detox, stabilization, or medically managed withdrawal – provides the addicted person with help through the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal that occur when an addict or alcoholic abruptly stops using. In detox, medical and addiction professionals monitor the health of the drug addict or alcoholic patient, manage and ease physical discomfort or suffering,i provide education and support, and – ideally – guide the addict or alcoholic into a long-term rehab program.

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How to Find the Most Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs:  A Proven Starting Point

Substance abuse – whether it be alcoholism or drug addiction – wreaks such havoc through families that, understandably, we want to seize upon even the slightest opportunity for find effective recovery treatment for our drug addict or alcoholic. Finding the best possible drug addiction recovery help is a labor of love (and too often, a labor of desperation.) But it’s also a little like dealing with a funeral home after an unexpected death: grief, immediacy, emotion, and exhaustion can drain us of the strength needed to research our options and comparison shop, as educated consumers.

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Best Rehab and Recovery

Our Mission Statement

A quality residential experience, resident collaboration, and a holistic enrichment program provide members of Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community with guidance and structure as together participants establish and develop the essential practices – spiritual, emotional, and physical – necessary for a full life of vibrant, sustainable recovery, free from addiction and self-destruction.

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Recovery from Addiction

Our Philosophy

Riverbank House Extended Care Recovery Community recognizes that freedom from addiction and self-destruction requires life-long commitment and vigilance. Our approach to recovery is founded upon the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We invigorate our new lives through the Twelve Principles of Buddhism; the daily practice of meditation and Yoga; a community code of non-aggression, collaboration, accountability, and mutual respect; self-reflection; and the pursuit of constructive passions.

Detox and Recovery

Does someone you love struggle with addiction? Has short term drug & alcohol treatment failed? Long term residential support could provide lasting freedom from drug & alcohol addiction. Contact us today!

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Brett Sobkowich

My 8 months here at the Riverbank House with my brothers has changed me in a way that can hardly be put into words. I came here in August of 2013 a broken soul dealing with my addiction to alcohol and opiates, with depression and severe fear and anxiety… life seemed very dark.

Randy, Brian and my house brothers have helped me to open up my heart and mind and have helped me to find myself. It’s due to living here at RBH, having daily structure in my life again, living in a comfortable, safe environment where the guys in the house actually care about me, and I them. This has set me forth on a path of recovery second to none.

I can’t express enough the gratitude that I have in my heart for Randy and the Riverbank House experience that has transformed my life. If you really want to get your life back on the path that God has intended for you, look no further… the BROTHERHOOD of the RIVERBANK HOUSE EXPERIENCE will save your life as it has mine.

My contact information is there to use, reach out and ask me any questions..!!

Thanks Randy, you played a key role in saving my life..!!

God Bless,

Brett Sobkowich

I entered the Riverbank House program on January 4, 2013 and completed transitioning the month of September 2013. This is my 3rd time through rehab; however it is my first time at an extended care facility. During my stay we spent an exceptional amount of time working on relapse prevention, recovery plans, goal setting, relationships, diet and nutrition, bucket lists, money management and understanding the value of a dollar, and also participated in kayaking, hiking, Buddhism, sledding, boating, camping, snowboarding, biking, bowling, campfires, swimming, geo-caching, kickboxing, tennis, drum circles, yoga, meditation, and even toured Niagara Falls. I really learned to live again and see how fabulous my life could be.

I worked with a house approved sponsor while there and am now in the process of making my amends. My first three or four months I was fully engaged in the Riverbank House full schedule program, pretty much sun up to sun down. Not only am I grateful to have my life back again but grateful that there is a place I could feel comfortable and enjoy myself the entire way through the process. I believe Riverbank House has one of the best programs in the country.


I just want to share what happened at a house meeting. We had our meeting and at the end of the meeting one of us was getting a 12 month – one year coin. We were all men and in all the time I had been there I never remembered a woman coming in to our group.

One of the guys stood up and talked about how much positive change he has seen in his housemate (the guy who was getting a coin). He told us all how helpful his housemate was for his own sobriety.
Then, the guy who was getting the coin, his wife comes in. She has a four or five-year-old boy with her. And she has a baby in her arms. I guess he was 16 or 18 months.

She looked at her husband and started to cry. She said that although she missed him while he was at Riverbank House she was so happy that he was safe. She was no longer staying up all night wondering where he was. She was no longer worried whether it was safe for him to hold their baby. She shared that she had been a wreck. Broken and unhappy.

She shared how happy she was to be still married to him and that he was sober; how she loved it when he came home for weekends and they were a family. She shared that it was like a dream, some fantasy that had come true.

She turned to the group with tears in her eyes and said “you saved his life – but you didn’t just save his life,” she held up the young child and said, “you saved all our lives.”
There was not a dry eye in the room.


My son is here, in this program. We were all at our wits end. He had promised to stop so many times. He had been to many detoxes and a couple 28 day programs. He would come home and be okay for a while. But then the same thing would happen over and over.

I couldn’t leave any money in the house. When he was there I walked around with my pocketbook. He even sold our TV when we were away. I was devastated and the sick every day.

He is here. He is sober. We have a peaceful house. And we have hope. It’s been months not weeks. I see the change that is happening. I feel I can trust that he will not go back just the way he has so many times. Most nights my husband and I get to sleep. We are not worried sick, and afraid.

Our son can stay here as long as he wants. I am beginning to have faith again and I want to support him anyway I can. I want to thank each of you for helping him to change into it different man. Mostly I want to thank you for giving us our son back.


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